Tuesday, January 16, 2018
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How to Install a Start Button

Do you wish a car with an automatic ignition like F1 or Royce? These guys shows how to install a start button in just a couple of steps completely by yourself.

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How To Install Daytime Running Lights

A very good video guide how to install daytime running lights. This guy explains how you can install DRLs completely by yourself and have very cool looking LEDs with minimal investment. And imho they really do look awesome.

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How To Buy a Used Car

The title of this post is telling you everthing. It will help us find a good used car. It will teach us how to buy a used car.

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How to wash a car

This is something that every car driver should know. This video will show us how to wash a car. No need to pay anybody to do it for you.

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Auto Body Rust Repair

How To Do Repair Auto Body Rust With Bondo This is an easy step by step description how to clean your minion. Video is very informative and worth the time watching.

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