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Uber is about to Develop Flying Cars

Uber Asked NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars. So, we can say that Uber is about to Develop Flying Cars. They asked an expert from NASA, the American space agency, to help the company develop cars that can fly. Last October, Uber announced plans to use flying vehicles in the future to avoid traffic in and around cities. Social media …

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2019 Infiniti QX50

Here we go again. The new month has come and the spring is slowly starting. It is time to take off the winter tires and put on the lighter ones for a smoother ride. Also, for many, it is time to buy a new car. In my opinion, this weeks proposition is the new 2019 Infiniti QX50. Believe me, you …

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Spain will Auction 2 Ferrari’s Belonging to Ex-King

Spain will Auction 2 Ferrari’s Belonging to Ex-King. They were given as gifts to former King Juan Carlos are to be auctioned off by the Spanish government, with starting prices of around 350,000 euros ($400,000) each. The king said that they were hardly used cars. The king Juan Carlos stepped down last year after a four-decades and his son Felipe …

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