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Delorean DMC-12

The DeLorean DMC-12 refers to a sports car that was manufactured by John DeLorean during the years 1981-1983 in Northern Ireland. The first ever car was produced in January 1981. Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis, made huge investments in the DeLorean Company. Even the British Government made a substantial contribution, hoping to boost up the local economy. But there was a lot of controversy surrounding its founder, John DeLorean and he was finally forced to file for a complete bankruptcy in the ’83. He was arrested under the case of drug trafficking by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and later proven guilty. This man was one of the biggest stars of Detroit way back in the 60’s itself. He was working as a chief engineer in Pontiac. He had always been interested in muscle cars and he helped the people of Pontiac transform their productions from conservation, to something modern. He wanted to innovate and had a different level of thinking when it came to automobile production. For example, he introduced the concealed windshield wipers and also the vertically placed headlights. Later he moved on to work at Chevrolet.


Delorean DMC-12 Design

The entire car was made using stainless steel which made the automobile heavy. It was indeed good and majestic to look at, but the maintenance proved to be a headache. It was sold with a five-speed manual or a three speed automatic and the interiors were either black or grey. The highlight of this car model has to be its gull doors. The gull wing doors had an underbody made of fiberglass. Though the car looked like a beast and made you feel like it would be a racer on the roads, the sad reality was it moved very slowly. The car had a very small engine, which could only produce about 130 horsepower. The maximum speed it was able to reach was 60 mph in 10 seconds. To add to the problems, dye that was present in the door mats, would invariably stain the shoes of the driver, causing a lot of inconvenience. Initially both John DeLorean and Carson had planned to produce the cars with a new technology called ERM, or Elastic Reservoir Moulding, in order to reduce the cost. Unfortunately the patent rights bought by DeLorean was not accepted. This led to a lot of changes and it looked like the car had to undergo a complete engineering make over. This job was given to Colin Chapman, the owner of Lotus. So there were a lot of delays and budget issues that came into the picture. Altogether it faced a lot of criticisms due to its very poor quality. It is said that only about a little more than 8500 DeLorean cars were actually purchased and as of today about 6500 DeLoreans are present all over the globe.

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But in spite of all the problems and the failures faced, large volumes of brand new car parts was stored away carefully. The stock from the factory, such as the parts from the US Warranty were shipped to Ohio in the year 1983. In 1997, DeLorean Motor Company located in Texas brought the entire inventory. The DeLorean cars looks like it was meant for the American market, though it was produced in Ireland. This is because the models had left hand driving features. But most other countries in the world such as Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia had right hand configuration and now producing cars right from the beginning to cater to these countries was nearly an impossible task, due to the huge production cost it would require for the same.

Recently, the DeLorean Motor Company has declared its interest in manufacturing these historical Delorean cars again after nearly 30 years. The production is all ready to start at Texas. The estimated price of this car would be about USD 100,000. Following changes that were made to the laws regarding low-volume car manufacturers, they have planned to construct about 300 new cars. According the year 2015 Surface Transportation Reauthorization and Reform Act, now companies are allowed to build replicated cars, without having the need to satisfy safety regulations. The brand new version of the Delorean will continue to have its iconic gull winged door and will maintain the design which was created originally by Giorgetto Giugiaro. Also they promise to have bigger wheels and brakes to suit the needs of today. Mere info is available at the official Delorean blog.

DeLorean Time Machine

Delorean Time Machine

This historical car did not garner much appreciation among the enthusiastic driving community until it was made to star in the highly talked about movie, Back to the the Future, which made DeLorean, literally a house hold name. It appeared in all the 3 versions of the movie. In the movie, Dr.Emmett Brown conceives a time machine which is highly inspired by the DeLorean car. In the beginning he starts making this car, trying to learn more about the history and the future, but he uses it for travelling 130 years. The person intending to time travel, sits inside the DeLorean and after manipulating a multiple segment display, accelerates the car. Then the car disappears into thin air surrounded by flashes of white and blue lights. The fusion home energy reactor is the source of power that is used by the time machine in the Back to the Future Trilogy. They make a trip to the year 2015 in order to prevent a character from committing a crime. The prop was surprisingly made out of a particular model of a coffee grinder. It is shown that the DeLorean was registered in the state of California. The producers of the movie had to make a large number of changes to the car .They wanted to use a car that looked like it was made in a garage. People started going crazy about the stylish design of the DeLorean car and were ready to spend thousands to have it outfitted in order to resemble this car. You can catch a glimpse of the actual car that was used in the movie at the Universal Studios at Hollywood.

2016 Delorean DMC-12 Comeback

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