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BMW Vision Next 100 Concept

Today I will write about a vision, not just a car. On its 100th birthday the BMW Company known as the world’s largest luxury automaker has produced a concept car that will blow your mind. It is the new BMW Vision Next 100 Concept. With this one the German manufacturer remembers its past, but its also looking into the future, celebrating the next 100 years of the company. This car is designed to respond to people’s future mobility. It is a car that Tom Cruise wanted for his next movie in the series Mission: Impossible. Maybe this concept will show us all, what the car world would be like in the next 100 years.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Design

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the BMW Vision Next 100 Concept looks very futuristic. Luxury is what defines this car. To write about the style of this one I will quote the BMW statement. Vision Next 100 is a mix of “blend of coupé-type sportiness and the dynamic elegance of a sedan.” It will have scissor wing doors that will open automatically. The dashboard looks great with a fantastic BMW logo on it. The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept uses sensors and artificial intelligence to help the driver to improve his skills. Also Next 100 concept will use the Alive Geometry to present 3-D messages instead of warning lights or LED screens. The BMW Vision Next 100 Concept represents the essence of innovation. The body of BMW Vision Next 100 Concept will cut through the air with low drag coefficient of 0.18. It is a 4.90 meters long and 1.37 meters high and the color of the car is copper. The wheels are not draped but by skirting by a flexible skin. As Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design said My personal view is that technology should be as intuitive as possible to operate and experience so that future interactions between human, machine and surroundings become seamless. The BMW VISION NEXT 100 shows how we intend to shape this future.”

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Engine

I could not find the exact information about the engine on the web. But I know that it will have two driving modes. The Boost mode is based on the semi-autonomous backups as active cruise control and lane keeping seen and it will be under control of the driver. The Easy mode is a fully autonomous mode. I will keep a close look on the official BMW site in search of the new information about this concept car.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Release Date and Price

There is no confirmation of this model by BMW Company. When I find out, I will post it here as an update. I will not write about the price because I am sure you do not want to know. It will ruin your dreams about having this concept.

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