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2017 Trans Am

The 2016 was an exciting year when it comes to legendary Trans Am. In fact, a lot of speculation were circulating about whether the Pontiac division of General Motors will return the icon of American Muscle Cars into the production. Internet was (and here and there still is) flooded with the news about returning Trans Am into the production. However, there was no such indication whatsoever, until now. It is interesting to mention the view of one of my fellow bloggers, who said that it is quite possible that the ‘false’ news of the new Trans Am resurection along with a great interest that woke up the fans has, in fact, inspired the idea that we might welcome the icon on the streets of the US again. To remind you, many custom shops across America are redesigning Camaros to look like Trans Am, but a first real clue about the brand new Trans Am came from none other than the legend Burt Reynolds, the star of Smokey and the Bandit.

As for the redesign, not much has changed when it comes to the exterior. Main lines remain quite the same, as to retain a legendary look, which first saw the light in 1990. Being based on Trans Am Depot’s 7T7 model, the new 2017 Trans Am Bandit Edition benefits from all the features that turn the Camaro into a modern rendition of the 1977 Trans Am. Although the new design will have some rounded shapes, most of original details still remains. A recognizable V-shaped nose with the Pontiac logo, the twin grille, and the two horizontal vents in the bumper. The latter is also shaped to imitate the original car’s and features a prominent splitter that extends toward the front wheel arches. The 2017 Trans Am Bandit Edition also features a quad-headlamp configuration, but to differ the original, which had square units, it will have round lamps.

And who makes the legend live

I’d like to point to one of the best automotive conversion companies. Trans Am Depot was founded by brothers Tod and Scott Warmack and Jim Dowling of Tallahassee, FL. It was founded on a nearly 30 year love and appreciation for Pontiacs and muscle cars. Trans Am Depot is the only company licensed and authorized to use the Trans Am moniker, an honor they hold in the highest regard. Thanks guys for making the good thing last!


The new Trans Am borrowed asmost all the interior from the Camaro. Everything from the dashboard to the seats and the center console are completely new and resembles those found on 1977 Trans Am. The instrument cluster has retro looking gauges, with Bandit insignia, and the center console is emphasized by a Hurst shifter and “Trans Am” lettering. The seats recieved a new look to resemble a classic Trans Am shape, with a gold-looking sections, detailing and stitching. Some more very cool detailes are added to the interior, as seen on the pictures bellow.


However, under the hood will be a totally different story – A GM Company small-block V-8 engine that’s been tuned to deliver 840 horsepower. This will definitely keep the character of a top notch muscle car.

Release and Price

As for now the new edition is limited to only 77 units. The price starts at roughly $115,000, which includes the cost of the donor Camaro. The New 2017 Trans Am Bandit comes with all of the signature features of the original and an endorsement from Burt Reynolds himself. What makes this car special is that it can give you that sense of being, as James Hetfield once said – rover, wanderer, nomad, vagabond… B-)

Even though Trans Am is recognized as a true American icon with a huge fan base, the question remains weather the Pontiac division will succeed in an attempt to revitalize the brand with the new 2017 Trans Am. I truly hope they will.

And then the road becomes my bride…

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