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2017 Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius cars are one of the most common choices on the market worldwide with millions of devoted owners. However, during the last few years, the manufacturer is faced with a notable decrease in its sales. The new 2017 Toyota Prius will be an interesting vehicle that comes with significant changes and upgrades. The new edition will offer more utility and the exterior design is going to be more attractive. Also, we can expect stronger performance and more comfort inside. For more information about the new Prius, just continue to read the text, below.


2017 Toyota Prius Design


The new 2017 Toyota Prius looks very muscular and stylish with a design which is conceived to attract attention. Thanks to its more attractive exterior styling, the new 2017 model shares many features with a swept-back sedan. This fourth generation of the model will have a lowered hood. Furthermore, we cannot forget an upright windshield. These modifications will improve performance of the car, and a new chassis is a very noticeable exterior detail. Additionally, the general handling of the 2017 model is going to be improved and its more aerodynamic design will certainly attract potential shoppers.


The interior design of the new 2017 Toyota Prius will suffer notable changes, in regards of technology and comfort, too. First of all, there is a refreshed dash instrument panel and the interior layout is enriched with a three-spoke steering wheel. Behind the steering wheel, we are able to find analog gauges. The new 2017 model gets more spacious cabin, which will secure more comfort to all travelers during the ride. If we consider spy shots, the car will be equipped with advanced infotainment and security features and all these changes and improvements are aimed to attract a wider range of buyers, than it was the case with the previous generations of the model.

2017 Toyota Prius Engine

Under the bonnet, the new 2017 Toyota Prius will be powered by a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder gas engine, and this engine will be paired with powerful electric motors. According to the reliable sources, the new 2017 model will have a nickel-metal hydride battery pack. That means that a lithium-ion hydride battery is not more available. But, we are still waiting a final decision by the manufacturer. However, we must mention that a current battery option is more powerful and with a longer range.

2017 Toyota Prius Release Date and Price

The release date of the new 2017 Toyota Prius is yet to be announced, but, if we listen experts from the automobile industry, the car will hit the market in the autumn of this year (2016). As for the price, the 2017 edition will cost $36,000.


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