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2017 Toyota Mirai

2017 Toyota Mirai

This car model will definitely provoke envy in the society, thanks to its unquestionable charisma. We are talking about the new 2017 Toyota Mirai. It will be a fuel cell model with distinct style and modern features. This futuristic car will certainly attract attention on the streets, however, we must mention, that the manufacturer is yet to officially introduce the model in the market, but if we consider some reliable sources, the new 2017 edition will be available to the interested shoppers in the near future.


2017 Toyota Mirai Redesign


The exterior form of the new 2017 Toyota Mirai is smooth, elegant and definitely, aggressive. It will have four doors, trunk opening, LED headlights and for the movement, the car will be equipped with 17 inch aluminum wheels. The new 2017 model comes with six different exterior colors, and potential customers can choose in accordance with their needs and wishes. We cannot forget its aggressive bumpers on the both sides and the model’s head and tail lights will have a sharp shape.


The interior layout of the new 2017 Toyota Mirai is designed to secure quality and enjoyable ride for the all five travelers. Inside the cabin, we are able to find 2 rows of seats and enough head and legroom. These high-quality seats provide great support and comfort for the occupants, and on the other hand, it will have quality audio and climate control systems along with technologically advanced entertainment features. The new 2017 model will have the 4.2 inch TFT display and numerous safety features are also available. Among offered features, we must mention pre-collision alert and seat belts. Additionally, the new Mirai will have airbags, a blind side screen and many others.

2017 Toyota Mirai Engine

Under the hood of the new 2017 Toyota Mirai we are able to find a fuel cell system. This system is Eco-friendly and include electric motor that will run a distance of up to 500 km. As for the power production of the model, it will be 165 kilowatt hours, and this car is definitely economical and ecological.


2017 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

Like we said at the beginning of the review, we are still waiting information regarding the official release date of the new 2017 Toyota Mirai. According to the rumors, the new edition is going to be available for the future owners during the early phase of next year (2017). The price of this model is also unknown, however, according to the experts, the car will cost about $58,000.

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