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2017 Toyota C-HR


To the satisfaction of the huge fan base, Toyota has announced start of the production of this amazing concept. Toyota’s factory in the Turkish city of Sakarya began assembling new C-HR. Overall, Toyota invested 350 million euros (~380 mil $) in the new factory, which will increase the annual production from 150,000 to 230,000 cars.

2017 Toyota C-HR

At the Paris Motor Show we had a chance to see what Toyota got in store for us in 2017. It is the new 2017 Toyota C-HR and it looks fantastic. The futuristic design is unbelievable. The photos of this Toyota’s crossover hybrid are circling the net and with every click they are becoming more popular. They are even conquering the dark side of the net, the infamous deep web. The new 2017 Toyota C-HR can’t be stopped. It will bring revolution in our way of thinking how cars should look like. With his uniqueness C-HR will give car fanatics something new and fresh.


2017 Toyota C-HR Redesign

Interior and Exterior

New design of C-HR will lay a new foundation for future cars of Toyota. Back to the future design will bring a lot of hype. It will have LED front and rear lights with boomerang shaped tail lights. Cars back part will be larger when compared with the front. Dimensions are 4,350 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,500 mm high. Exterior looks unreal. With its breathtaking style and electric power the new 2017 Toyota C-HR will show us an interesting dynamic of this agile vehicle.

It will have very popular coupe-like strains. Also C-HR reveals a lot of interior features like simple dash and dominant instrument cluster. C-HR will have a luxurious side with leather-based seats and sporty side with a new 2 doors design.

2017 Toyota C-HR Engine

There are many speculations of what is going to be the concept for C-HR. Probably it is going to be a hybrid with the same engine as Prius. It will include four-wheel drive with a developing power train. Fuel efficiency is going to be a main characteristic for the new 2017 Toyota C-HR. The engine will be a turbocharged of 2.0L I-4 hybrid unit, that can produce over 240 hp and a torque of 270 lb-ft. It will have a 4WD system technology. It will reduce the fuel consumption by about 20 percent and going to be in the top 10 alternative fuel cars.

2017 Toyota C-HR Release date

The release date if the 2017 Toyota C-HR will be at the beginning of 2017. Estimated price is about $28,000.


  1. wow what a car! i hope we’ll see it hit the market.

  2. Amazing! Glad it went into serial production.

  3. Well I’d definitely like one 🙂

  4. Any 2 wheel drives better on gas !

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