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2017 Tesla Model S

For so long we haven’t had a hybrid on this website. So we decided to put one here and it is no other than the new 2017 Tesla Model S. The 2016 model caught a lot of heat on the car markets during the last year. It had good performance and great design. This 2017 model will be no different. You won’t make a mistake with this one. It will be available in four different trim levels.


2017 Tesla Model S Design

Exterior and Interior

The exterior of this hybrid is going to be very luxurious and aggressive. The fashion police will approve this model. It won’t get arrested. Don’t worry. It will be a smooth, sporty car. A glossy glow of the front fascia and oval grille make the new 2017 Tesla Model S a very sleek model. The rear of the car is going to be elegant with some interesting trapezoidal lights. Inside the car, everything is made to provide a maximum comfort for the driver and the passengers. The car is going to have many futuristic elements. The technology inside is supreme. You can find a 17 inch and fully colored touch screen and also a 4G LTE Wi-Fi router hotspot connectivity, Bluetooth, voice controls, navigation and a powerful audio player system. From safety features there is going to be a lane departure warning, forward collision warning, parking sensors and parking assist, a rear view camera, optional adaptive cruise control, seat belts and air bags.

2017 Tesla Model S Engine

The new 2017 Tesla Model S is going to have a 85kWh battery pack engine with 470 horsepower at the rear and 221 horses on the front. Together it will produce 491 horsepower and 686 pound feet of torque. Top speed is going to be a 155mph and it will be able to hit 60mph in just 3.1 seconds.

2017 Tesla Model S Release Date and Price

The release date is not yet published. Probably in the middle of 2017. The price is going to be around $110,000.

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