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2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept

The Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey presented an SUV that shook things up at the New York Auto Show. He told the crowd that he is happy to see Lincoln doing so well and as a fan he is thrilled about that. The new 2017 Lincoln Navigator concept is one big vehicle. For some it is a monster on the road. But it is also an elegant SUV. It can carry its weight. The Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra said about this SUV. “The design language is all about elegant beauty. To take a vehicle that has that much volume and make it elegant is a fun challenge.” The main rivals of this brand are Lexus, Inifiniti, Cadillac and Escalade.


2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept Design

Exterior and Interior

Lincoln design was always aggressive and sharp, but the Navigator made a few changes. Today this SUV is merging elegance, beauty, serenity and harmony. This description comes from the president Kumar Galhotra. It is a family car that is all about safety and elegance. The Navigator has a really weird gull-wing doors. Many car writers had compared them to a pterodactyl wing. But do not worry, it will not be on a production model. Inside there are large screens for everybody in the car. Kids can use it to play video games against each other. Or the whole family can watch a movie. Each screen has its own Car Play. From safety features there are lane-keeping assist, pedestrian detection, pre-collision assists, automatic braking wired to radar and camera sensors.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept Engine

The Lincoln president Kumar Galhotra said that this SUV will be equipped with a twin-turbo V-6 engine with 400 horsepower. It will have shiny new chassis and all the needed engine features. The engine will be EcoBoost. As soon as I find out more info about the engine I will post it here as an update.

2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept Release Date and Price

The new 2017 Lincoln Navigator Concept is still out of production. I did not find any info about the exact release date. Probably sometime in 2017. Do not ask about the price. You do not want to know.


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