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2017 Audi R20

The new 2017 Audi R20 will be a fantastic vehicle, a true monster on wheels. According to some sources, only 150-200 units will be produced and every car maniac with deeper pocket must have it in its private collection. It comes with the trademark full length tailfin of the R18 LeMans racer, however, its luxury aspects will definitely satisfy the pickiest shoppers. We are certain that this model will be one of the best productions by the German Automaker, and for more information about this supercar you can find out, below.


2017 Audi R20 Redesign

Exterior and Interior

The outer appearance of the new 2017 Audi R20 will definitely attract attention wherever you go. This supercar looks very strong and mighty, with distinctive features and characteristics, such as its downsized single frame grille or stacked LED headlights. Its front and rear wings will be ventilated and the car features very attractive doors. We cannot forget an adjustable spoiler. The interior design of the new 2017 Audi R20 is stylish, comfortable and futuristic. First of all, we must mention multi-functional black panel center panel display. It allows us easy accessibility of the available functions. The cabin is neat and the active contour seats will ensure pleasant ride. Additionally, the interior layout also includes four point belts, modern technology and safety equipment. The new R20 will have an audio system with powerful system, HD radio and climate control. Furthermore, there is also Bluetooth, satellite navigation, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity, and much more. As for the security, this impressive car features, lane keeping assist, airbags, cruise, stability and cruise controls. Beside that, the new R20 will have a rearview camera, radar, parking assist and many others.


2017 Audi R20 Engine

Beneath the hood of this supercar we can find an hybrid engine. More precisely, it will be powered by a twin turbo engine with the total strength of 550 horsepower and two electric motors. These motors will control the front wheels of the car. The fuel economy numbers are yet to be given and for stronger performance the new 2017 model is equipped with high speed coasting and brake energy recuperation. We must also mention a wider start-stop application.

2017 Audi R20 Release Date and Price

The release date of the new 2017 Audi R20 is yet to be announced. According to some indications, the production for retail will start during the spring of this year (2016), thus, the model will be available in the course of the next year (2017). The price of the car remains unknown, but one thing is certain, the new R20 will be very expensive vehicle.

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