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Trans Am Bandit

2016 Trans Am Bandit

The legacy of Trans Am models still haunts the car industry and every brand that wishes to make a perfect muscle car. From Firebird to Bandit, there is, in my opinion, no match. I will not write about Trans Am models coming out because they will (probably) not. The internet is full of rumors that are simply not true. There is no official confirmation from GM about the model re entering the production and the eventual release date. However, there are quite a few custom car restyling centers modifying modern Chevrolet Camaros into a Trans Am Bandit, which points to a great fan base that this brand still has. I have found out that Burt Reynolds (the star of a TV show Smokey and the Bandit) is helping the brand launch limited edition of the new Bandit. There will be 77 cars.

And while waiting for the official confirmation, I’d like to point out to one of the best automotive conversion companies. Trans Am Depot was founded by brothers Tod and Scott Warmack and Jim Dowling of Tallahassee, FL. It was founded on a nearly 30 year love and appreciation for Pontiacs and muscle cars. Trans Am Depot is the only company licensed and authorized to use the Trans Am moniker, an honor they hold in the highest regard. Thanks guys for making the good thing last!

2016 Trans Am Bandit Specs

As said, the new 2016 Trans Am Bandit will have the rear and front bumpers improved. Also, we will find new and redesigned LED headlights. Restyled grille is something that could become a new trademark of a Bandit. Inside, the passengers will enjoy a comfortable leather Sport seats. The Bandit will have approved set of T-tops, a front-opening hood with a very large prominent shaker scoop. The engine itself is a beast. It will be a 7.4-liter LSX V8 that has been paired with a 2.9-liter supercharger. It will produce stunning 840 horsepower. This is what you get when you merge Camaro and Trans Am. I’ve already pointed above the release date of the customized Bandit. The limited edition will come in 2017. The price will be around $115,000. So as a true hardcore fan I will keep dreaming about the new 2016 Trans Am Bandit really coming out. And I hope it will be a little cheaper in the mass production. Keep on track. 😎

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