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2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid
2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid

2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid

According to the experts from the car industry, the new 2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid will hit the minivan market very soon, and interested users, especially family-oriented shoppers can expect a car with improved performances, and solid driving satisfaction is guaranteed. With its modern looks and impressive characteristics, this minivan is set to be one the top choices in its class, and the manufacturer expects great success and good sale. As for the potential buyers, we think that medium-sized families may wish to consider this car as an option because of, like we said, its excellent performances along with a discreet touch of luxury and interesting styling.


2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid Redesign

Exterior and Interior

The outer appearance of the new 2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid is conceived to provide a sense of security on the first sight, and beside that impression, we must say that the car look very stylish and why not, classy. The most dominant details of the exterior are certainly its revamped rear side and the larger mirrors, and these features are here to stay. This Hybrid will not have a front side mirrors. But, its side mirrors will be located as in the standard cars, and LED technology is also part of the features that come with this minivan. If we look inside, we can conclude that the new Estima Hybrid features a lot of head and legroom for all occupants, and its seats are comfortable enough to ensure a pleasant driving experience. The minivan is enriched which features such as USB ports and there is an SAT/NAV infotainment system. It will have electric doors and highly advanced security systems are here to provide safety during the ride to the driver and travelers. We cannot forget improved Bluetooth connectivity.

2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid Engine

Under the hood of the new 2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid, we are able to find a 2.0 liter DHOC 4 cylinder tube engine and, we cannot forget electric motors. These motors come with a lithium ion battery. This minivan will have a five speed automatic gearbox and two- wheel drive is standard. Additionally, we must mention that the four- wheel drive is also available as an option. As for the fuel economy, it will be one of the most efficient models in its category. For example, with one liter of gas we can cover twenty kilometers at an approximate speed of forty seven miles per hour, and these rates are very good.

2016 Toyota Estima Hybrid Release Date and Price

The release date of this model is yet to be revealed and confirmed by the manufacturer, but according to the well informed sources from the industry, the vehicle will come out at the end of this year (2015). The price of the car will be around $33,000.

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