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2016 Lexus LFA

We will talk about one extraordinary two seat supercar, an automobile that will be made by the Lexus Company. It is the new 2016 Lexus LFA and the previous edition of the vehicle was presented at Detroit Auto Show. The Automaker sold only 500 units of the current model, and it has high expectations of this improved version, because the new LFA is equipped with all new and modern features which will definitely please interested customers worldwide. The competition in this segment is tough, however, the new LFA has definitely plenty stuff to offer. For more information, just look below.


2016 Lexus LFA Redesign

Exterior and Interior

From the outside, the new 2016 Lexus LFA leaves a very strong impression, its powerful appearance along with the undisputed sportiness will certainly make the difference on the streets. This supercar will come in different colors. There is black, red, violet and the other two colors are, orange and white. The weight of the 2016 model will be reduced because of a full carbon fiber reinforced polymer. Like we said, the new LFA is enriched with high-tech features, and this equipment will secure luxury and comfort during the ride, because of the carbon monocoque concept, we can also expect stability. The cabin space will be a little tight, but there is enough space for the occupants. It will have small wheels. And, we must mention that the new LFA features a low body. The new 2016 will have a simple dashboard with many functions.


2016 Lexus LFA Engine

Under the bonnet of the new 2016 Lexus LFA, we are able to find two engine options. First variant is a 4.8 L V10 engine and the second option is a 5.3 L LFA code X engine. The total strength of these engines ranges from 560 hp to around 570 hp, and we can expect a better performance in comparison with its predecessor. This supercar sprints from 0 miles per hour to 62 miles per hour in within 3.7 seconds and its maximum speed is 202 mph. Its gearshift time is 0.15 seconds.

2016 Lexus LFA Release Date and Price

The new 2016 Lexus LFA will hit the market at the beginning of next year (2016). As for the price, this supercar will cost between $375,000 to $445,000, and even more.


  1. Why would anyone want this 2nd class POS when it costs the same as a Ferrari or Lamborghini.

  2. Some refreshing news aboot the new LFA

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