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2016 Lexus IS

What can we expect from the new 2016 Lexus IS? If we listen to the manufacturer, a lot of good stuff. This model is created to compete against BMW automobiles, precisely, its most serious rival on the market is BMW M4. With its improved features and capabilities, the new edition of IS will satisfy user expectations. For more information, about the latest Is, our suggestion is to find out together, below.


2016 Lexus IS Redesign


From the outside, the new 2016 Lexus IS simply dominates with its powerful and mighty appearance, its exterior design is inspired by the RC F model, and our impression is that its charisma is undisputed. The front and the back end of the vehicle will be different compared to the previous models and thanks to the high quality carbon fiber which were used in its construction, the new 2016 model will be lighter in weight. The car is equipped with 19 inch sport wheels and its stability is one of the features that must be mentioned. Interested people are able to choose between couple trim levels, such as 350h or 250h. The other two models are, 200h and 300h.


When we look inside, the new 2016 Lexus IS comes with stylish and comfortable interior design. The cabin space is conceived to secure pleasant ride, travelers can expect enough head and legroom, and its storage space is satisfactory. The interior layout also includes high-quality seats and elegant dashboard. As for the safety department, the new IS is enriched with modern features such as traction and cruise control, a rear view camera and the car will have head rests on both the rows. Additionally, there is also collision warning system and parking sensors. The new 2016 Lexus IS features all modern infotainment features, among others, we must mention a touch screen display, HD navigation and speakers for quality sound are also present. Furthermore, this luxury car will have heated seats, a HD audio system and Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

2016 Lexus IS Engine

Under the hood, the new 2016 Lexus IS will be powered by a 5.0 liter V8 engine. This engine generates 311Kw and handle 505 Nm of torque and the new 2016 model will have an eight speed automatic power transmission. The car will have two wheel drive, however, all wheel driving mode is also available. In comparison with the older version, the new model will have better fuel economy and also, Eco-oriented buyers will be pleased, because it will emit less carbon dioxide into the air.

2016 Lexus IS Release Date and Price

The new 2016 Lexus IS will be released at the end of this year (2015), or at the beginning of next year (2016). As for the price, this luxurious car will minimum cost $70,000.


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