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2016 Ford Thunderbird

It’s not official yet but there are rumors that the 2016 Ford Thunderbird is coming. There is mass hysteria online about this car. Everybody wants to know is this really true. Is legendary Thunderbird going to be made? We hope it will. This model has 11 generations and it is a trademark of Ford Company, so there is a really good chance to see this model on the streets by 2016. So stay tuned and keep checking at our website, because as soon as we get some new info about the release we’ll post it here.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Redesign


The new 2016 Ford Thunderbird, if released, is going to have a fantastic exterior. It will be a two-door coupe that will have a vintage elegance of cars from the 50’s and 60’s. It will be developed from the Volvo Taurus model. Thunderbird is going to have extended wheelbase and front extension with logo in front center. It will have a very large front grille. And this one is really a contemporary model with pure uniqueness.



We still don’t know too much about interior of the new 2016 Ford Thunderbird. It is still a mystery. Definitely it is going to be different than previous model. It will have a very spacious cabin with new tech. One thing is for sure. This is going to be a comfortable car. Cranny leather seats mixed with elegant surroundings will satisfy every driver. Great car indeed.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Engine

There is no official announcement about the engine. It is still unclear but there are speculations that the new 2016 Ford Thunderbird is going to have V8 engine AJ-35 with the support of VVT and ETC technology. It will have 280 horsepower and also 286 lb-ft of torque. Platform of the Thunderbird is going to be from Jaguar S-type and T-Bird. It will have a 5-speed automatic gearbox.


2016 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Price

There is no official confirmation about the release date. But there are speculations about starting price and it should be around $30,000.

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