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Ford Shelby Daytona

2016 Ford Shelby Daytona

The first time Daytona was introduced back in 1965. And it won eight out of the eleven FIA-sanctioned races. It was truly an unbelievable car. It also won French and the German Grand Prix. It was the first time some American Company made a car that was such a success. And man, this one changed history in the auto industry. It showed the world that Americans can build fast cars. Today there are realistic speculations that the Ford Company will produce the new 2016 Ford Shelby Daytona to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the production. Our insiders told us that the new 2016 Ford Shelby Daytona is based on Shelby GR-1 Concept. We’ll wait and see if that’s true. This model had a mission and it was to beat Italian designer Enzo Ferrari. And it did. It is truly a legendary car. The Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American, Joe Conway said “the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe helped a small American team beat a racing giant”. It is a story for the movie.

Ford Shelby Cobra Daytona

Exterior and Interior

Exterior features of the new 2016 Ford Shelby Daytona are great. It is going to have an aluminum body with the same specs as 1960s model. It will have Original style tube chassis. Additionally a 35 gallon stainless steel fuel tank and Trigo FIA wheels is planned. This one will have Guardsman Blue paint with Wimbledon White stripes as basic car look. It will have FIA 15 inch wheels painted white. A range of exterior colors will be available. The interior of the new 2016 Ford Shelby Daytona is going to be absolutely fantastic. It will have wood steering wheel with the 50th Anniversary Badges. There will be a black leather seats, Stewart Warner gauges and automatic climate control. Out of the safety features the new Cobra is going to have a new Shelby brakes with vented rotors.

2016 Ford Shelby Daytona Engine

Gary Schechner, Shelby American Vice President of Marketing said “the legend of the Shelby Daytona Coupe is amazing”. And it will have an engine that is also amazing. It will have an aluminum block 289 CID engine. Detailed specs are yet to be revealed.

2016 Ford Shelby Daytona Release Date and Price

There are some rumors when the new 2016 Ford Shelby Daytona will be set for a release, but there’s no official date yet. Some say it might happen by the mid of 2016. The price will be about $350,000.

Ford Shelby Cobra Daytona

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  1. So, 289 CID for MPG, but how much HP?

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