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2016 Ford Bronco

Ford company was founded in 1899. Through the history of development of this company there was always one model that made difference. One model that gave something new to the buyers. One model that became symbol of the company for a decade. Ford is in need for a new symbol which is going to mark this decade. The new 2016 Ford Bronco will help the Ford Motor Company to become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of automobiles. Still we don’t have conformations that Bronco will come out but we can hope that it will, because with this car Ford will definitely change its future. This monster SUV has to come back and once again show everybody who is the king of the long roads.


2016 Ford Bronco Redesign


The new 2016 Ford Bronco will have many upgrades. Compared to the last model It will have much better performance and a lot of new features. Design of this SUV is going to be very unique and modern. 2016 Ford Bronco will have 2-door design and 4-wheel drive. Grille and headlight have very aggressive design that makes Bronco look powerful. Main feature of this SUV is his massive size. Also new features are going to be chrome bumpers, LED lights and new fog lights. It will have 18-inch six-spoke light weight aluminum wheels. The platform that the new 2016 Ford Bronco should be based on, is the platform of the Ford Atlas which will make Bronco lighter.


The interior of the new 2016 Ford Bronco is going to be very different from aggressive exterior look. It will be very luxurious. Passengers are going to be able to enjoy spacious cabin with comfortable big seats. Cabin will be accommodated for 5-adult passengers. Some new hq features can be found in new Bronco like stereo speakers, LCD screens and satellite radio. Dashboard will have a large touchscreen SAT-NAV/Infotainment system. For extra luggage Bronco will have even more cargo space than previous model.


2016 Ford Bronco Engine

There are going to be two engine options. First will be the basic model is a 5.0-liter Coyote V-8, with 420 hp. Second will be a little advanced model a 4.9-liter Powerstroke diesel V-6 with 330 hp and 645 lb-ft of torque. It will have a six-speed automatic transmission with power that will be transferred to all four wheels.


2016 Ford Bronco Release date

The new 2016 Ford Bronco if confirmed should be released in the end of 2015. The price is going to be about $45,000.

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