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2016 DS E-Tense Concept

In 2009 Citroen launched the luxury division of its brand called the DS. In 2014 the DS brand became a unique entity. Soon DS vehicles become available worldwide. Today I will write about the new concept car from this brand. It is called 2016 DS E-Tense Concept. It is the future of all-electric cars. The car is pure luxury and it was first revealed at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. I was there and I can only say one word, amazing.

2016 DS E-Tense Concept Design

Exterior and Interior

I have to write that when I first put my eyes on the exterior of the DS, I was shocked. This model truly dominates. It has a sculpted and aerodynamic design with ability for maximum aero performance. The rear fog light looks like on a Formula One. The new E-Tense Concept has a carbonfibre monocoque chassis and a set of lithium-ion batteries. DS is equipped with full LED technology. The quote I got from DS management was “Our ambition was to create a high-performance electric GT. A car that embodies refinement, technology, and DS design. A car that inspires dreams. A car that gives you the overpowering urge to get behind the wheel.” Inside is made from luxurious and modern materials. From tech features there is 12in high-definition display, clean cabin filtration system, a 640W nine-speaker audio system and others. The most interesting safety feature is the regenerative braking system. So with this technology 2016 DS E-Tense Concept is a good answer from the Company to its rival Audi R8.

2016 DS E-Tense Concept Engine

Under the hood we can find a an electric motor with 402 horsepower and 381 pound-feet of torque. It can get to 62 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. The Dimension of a car is 4.72 L x 2.08 W x 1.29 H. Top speed is 250 km/h. It weighs 1.8 tons. The DS goes on MICHELIN Pilot Supersport tires.

2016 DS E-Tense Concept Release Date and Price

The new 2016 DS E-Tense Concept was revealed in Geneva. The exact release date is not known. Probably in 2017. The price will not be cheap I can only say that.


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