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2016 Dodge Challenger

Dodge Company is making one of the greatest moves in history with this model. With this muscle car it will take over the car market in a second. However, there is still no official confirmation that the new 2016 Dodge Challenger is set for a release. But if it does, it will be a rebirth of an icon. This is a mean and aggressive muscle car that will satisfy many customers. Its main and probably only rivals in the fierce competition are Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang Shelby. The new Challenger will feature small improvements and upgrades compared to the previous model but still it will rule the streets like any other model before. Retro style mixed with a modern soul and futuristic look makes the new 2016 Dodge Challenger special.


2016 Dodge Challenger Redesign


The new 2016 Dodge Challenger is going to keep its worldwide known retro style. It will experience some changes on its front and rear bumpers. Headlights and taillights are going to be upgraded with a LED technology, which will give a much better visibility. As in every previous model, the grille is slim with low front part. New Challenger will have twenty inch alloy wheels with hp tires from Pirelli. It is truly a special kind of muscle car.


First thing we notice inside the new 2016 Dodge Challenger is a fantastic seats design that will provide maximal pleasure and comfort during the drive. New seats are made from Alcantara leather. A new steering wheel is also covered with leather. Interior of this model is similar to the one from 1971 but the main difference is tech features. New Challenger will be equipped with a large center console screen that will come with a navigation, trip info, climate control, music and infotainment control and much more. It will have upgraded Wi-Fi connectivity system and great safety system.

2016 Dodge Challenger Engine

The new 2016 Dodge Challenger will feature a supercharged 6.2 liter V8 with 700 horsepower. There are also other engine options that will be available. First option will be a 3.6 liter V6 with 305 hp and 268 lb-ft of torque. Second one will be a 5.7 liter V8 HEMI with 375 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque. It will have six speed manual transmission or eight speed automatic gearbox.

2016 Dodge Challenger Release Date and Price

The release date for the new 2016 Dodge Challenger still isn’t known, because there is no official confirmation about the release date. The estimated price will be about $30,000, if this one comes out.


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